Polychrome velvets are a masterpiece of art and technique that have allowed craftsmen creativity to take the sublime form of these soft, precious fabrics. “Fresie”, in particular, is an example of “jardinière” velvets of rare beauty: we present it to you.


The “Jardinière” Velvets and the Multicolor Red Fresie Velvet

Fresie silk velvet combines elegance and preciousness: it charms through the harmony of its colors and the richly detailed design.

Like many multicolored velvets, it evokes the typical compositions of very elaborate and colorful 17th-century “jardinière” velvets that were initially produced in Genoa, thanks to the innovations made to the looms used in the city. They allowed for the creation of extremely elaborate velvets with a great variety of colors, resulting in a successful revolution in the velvet manufacturing process that flourished in Venice too. In particular, the jardinière soprarizzo velvets were highly appreciated, thanks to the intensity of the color tones created by the reflection of light on both the curly and the cut velvet. But what gives a particular elegance to the Fresie velvet pattern is the choice of botanical elements dear to the Art Nouveau, with the typical curvilinear and sinuous movement of the stems.

The lively polychrome design, rich in shades of red, stands out on the neutral-colored background and develops vertically with large symmetrical modules. Thin stems of passionflower alternate with leaves and acanthus flowers and branches of violacea that wind and bend, creating a frame within which bunches of primroses and buttercups rise like the spouts of a fountain, with a triumph of freesias and bignonias in the center.

This splendid silk velvet is available in a “red multicolor” version with an ivory background, and in shades of green, either with an ivory or champagne background.

It’s a fabric that lends itself to luxury upholstery and sophisticated accessories such as decorative pillows and bags.

Velluto Fresie Multicolore Rosso | Tessitura Bevilacqua

Fresie red multicolor velvet

The Red Fresie Velvet Handbags Collection by Bevilacqua

We have chosen this refined velvet to enhance the elegance and femininity of some of our bags, handmade by Venetian artisans: Bianca, Peggy, Isabella, and Elena.

Bianca clutch has a clean and elegant silhouette and is a versatile model that embellishes any outfit. It can be worn either on the wrist, with the thin chain intertwined with a ribbon of soft leather in a matching color, or on the shoulder, with the long strap with which it is equipped. Fresie velvet joins a wide selection of precious fabrics this charming bag is offered in.

Bianca Clutch in Fresie green multicolor velvet

Peggy bag is the ideal daytime companion, combining urban style, bon ton, and femininity. Medium in size, it has an original trapeze silhouette, softened by the soft velvet and refined Fresie pattern and a wide flap that covers the entire side of the bag. Its handle, covered in soft leather matching the colors of the velvet, has gold metal details at the base. Inspired by Venice’s most famous art collector, Peggy Guggenheim, this unique bag will elevate any outfit with its vintage allure.

Peggy bag in Fresie red multicolor velvet

Borsa Peggy - Fresie multicolore rosso modella | Tessitura Bevilacqua

Peggy bag in Fresie red multicolor velvet

Isabella purse is an accessory of small size but of great personality. A stylish detail for an elegant evening or an everyday accessory. The golden metal clasp adds preciousness to the Fresie velvet, for an exclusive object to always carry with you.

Isabella purse in Fresie red multicolor velvet

Elena bag is perfect for the day, to stand out with a luxurious object for every occasion: work, study, shopping with friends. Its silhouette is linear, with a wide opening closed by a zipper and rigid handles with golden metal details and an original padlock that compliments the neutral tone of the velvet’s background. The sophisticated velvet floral pattern, with sinuous lines and small multicolored flowers, makes this refined bag extremely feminine. 


A bag that stands out with style and elegance, as well as all the others made with the magnificent Fresie velvet.


Elena bag in Fresie red multicolor velvet

Elena bag in Fresie green multicolor velvet

Photo credit: Marta Formentello for Venezia da Vivere
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