glossylight, typically even and smooth fabric: the soft feel and brightness of satin are unmistakable. These characteristics come from the textile weave it is made with, in which the warp is predominant over the right side of the fabric with more or less spaced bindings. The resulting effect therefore is a glossy surface on one side and a dull reverse.

The satin weave is also one of the most widely used for the production of other types of fabrics such as damask, lampas and brocade.  Unlike these textiles, however, satins are plain and have no decorative motifs.

It’s one of the most valuable fabrics for clothing and lingerie, but it’s also used in interior decoration and high-end upholstery.


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  • Brocade 560 Satin

  • Goffrato 277 Satin

  • Unito 540 Satin