Luigi Bevilacqua

Italian fabrics manufacturer. Top quality luxury Venetian handmade fabrics for furnishing, interiors and upholstery.


The origins


This painting, commissioned in Venice and dated 1499, by the artist Giovanni Mansueti hints at the ancient history of the Bevilacqua family.
The work is currently held by the LIECHTENSTEIN MUSEUM in Vienna.

Our looms


The 18th-century looms and warpers belonged to the Silk Weaving School of the Republic of Venice.


Before the Jacquard machine was introduced (ca. 1804), they had always been used manually.

3500 designs

The company’s famous historical archive holds more than 3,500 pattern-designs, all Bevilacqua’s originals.

In Venice since 1700


Our fabrics

Handwoven fabric production, on original looms of the 18th-19th century.



Now as then, all the phases of manufacture are manual.


Our products

We create real works of art, refined textiles and fabrics meant for royal palaces, theatres and famous houses.

The new Bevilacqua app allows you to browse our collections and request samples directly from your iPhone or iPad!

Bevilacqua Pizzinato is the place where art and craftmanship meet, where fashion joins one of the oldest Venetian activities and its products, where the latest trends can mix with ancient patterns. This is, indeed, what the collaboration between the Chiara Pizzinato Atelier and Tessiture Luigi Bevilacqua has led to, the former being the outcome of Chiara Pizzinato’s love for fabrics and fashion, and the latter being one of Venice’s oldest weaving factories.

The bags and garments produced by Bevilacqua Pizzinato are all handmade: from the fabric to the piece of clothing, each of the production stages is carried out by hand.

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