New year, new fabrics! Take a look at the new collection of Italian furnishing fabrics we’re presenting this month at Paris Déco Off. You’ll discover some unexpected tones of colour, which you can use to add character both to your living and sleeping areas.

2018 upholstery fabric patterns: nature and geometry

The main protagonist of 2018 interiors is velvet, the true soul of that retro trend you’ll soon notice in all rooms and furniture items. And our new collection features no less than 12 different velvet designs, perfect to create a splendid atmosphere in your living room. Their decorations range from those inspired by nature to geometric and optical motifs. So they follow this year’s interior-design style which, on the one hand, replicate the decorative patterns of the Seventies and Eighties. On the other hand, it fills houses with flowers and plants both literally and on textiles. We’ve thus chosen these patterns from our catalogue for the new velvets:

  • nature-themed: Bestiario and Caccia, where both animals and plants intertwine; Ardis, Casa Bianca, Da Vinci, Palmyra and Senatori, with leaves and flowers of different kind and shape, coming from the Middle Age, the Renaissance and the Neoclassical period;
  • geometric: these patterns will let you add a vintage touch to your home, with simple and clear lines for Griglia and Zig Zag, or with the unusual touch and optical illusions of Onda and Radica;
  • plain: in accordance with a minimalist style or as the perfect companion to interiors already full of showy patterns, the Unito velvet is the right solution, since it has no design.

But there are a few novelties among the other fabrics, too, with some fresh patterns from our archive:

  • the Sagredo brocatelle: it owes its name to a noble Venetian family and to the palace they bought and restored during the 18th century, on the Grand Canal; its design, rich in flowers, leaves and birds, is similar to those of that very century;

Sagredo brocatelle


  • the Farfalle damask: a host of delicate butterflies for a graceful and airy living room or sleeping area;

Farfalle damask


  • the lampasses Melograno, Svezia and Maja: the first two were already part of our catalogue and now they show some innovative hues; the third one is one of the latest recruits of our 2018 collection, designed by the Italian painter Guido Cadorin.

Maja lampas


The new colours of Bevilacqua’s latest Italian furnishing fabrics

This collection’s top revolution are the new fabric colours we’ve introduced, following this year’s trending ones:


Senatori velvet


Giardino Antico velvet


Ardis velvet

Egeo, petrolio and baltico: three shades of blue, the first two deep and dark, the third one soft, but they all create a soothing atmosphere in a room and enhance it with a stylish tone.


Senatori velvet


R Craquelé 31089 damask


Senatori brocatelle

Ibisco: this intense and quite dark red hue is meant for people who like a unique style in their interiors, though maintaining their class. Corallo and autunno, on the other hand, aren’t as dark as ibisco, but their effect is striking anyway.


Senatori velvet


R Craquelé 31089 damask


Giardino Craquelé damask

The tones of pink: inspired by two flowers, the peony and the rose, and a fruit, peach, these pastels are just right for elegant and delicate rooms.


Sagredo brocatelle


R Craquelé 31089 damask


Giardino Craquelé damask

Giada, edera and green-gold: three shades of green which make a room look fresher, since they bring a piece of nature into your home.

Antique yellow: the right tone for chic interiors, were adding a touch of colour similar to gold can infuse the refinement that makes the difference.


Sagredo brocatelle

The neutral colours: with a range of so intense and dark colours such as this, some contrasting details are absolutely necessary, both to make the other colours stand out, and to brighten a room. As well as our traditional variants, from now on you can choose from 2 shades of white, gardenia and mandorla, and a grey one, stone.


Senatori velvet


Sagredo brocatelle


Senatori velvet

In the photos here below you can see all the fabrics from our latest collection and their variants: pick the one you like the most!

Sagredo brocatelle

Maja lampas

Senatori brocatelle

Ardis velvet

Casa Bianca velvet

Onda velvet

Radica velvet

Giardino Antico velvet

Three Crowns lampas

Goffrato satin

Damask 31089

Melograno lampas

Bizar lampas

Bestiario velvet

Griglia velvet

Palmyra velvet

Zig Zag velvet

Broccato lampas

Unito velvet

Damask 33077

Svezia lampas

Walls lampas

Caccia velvet

Grottesche velvet

Senatori velvet

Da Vinci velvet

Uccelli lampas

Unito satin

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