From June 7-12, 2022, we will be at the Salone del Mobile in Milan to present our 2022 collection of fine fabrics and some projects created in collaboration with our Tessitura. We present them to you.

Designing Sustainability, Celebrating Beauty

The Salone del Mobile, now in its 60th edition, has witnessed the evolution of design and custom over all these years. A showcase of excellence of quality, innovation, and creativity in the furniture sector and a must-attend event for those in the industry. This event is also suited to those who are attracted by the wide range of merchandise and the rich carnet of appointments and projects. This year the event combines its core values of quality, innovation, and beauty with sustainability, reflecting its commitment to the ecological transition of the furniture system.

It is made up of seven events, including the Salone Internazionale del Complemento d’Arredo, divided into 3 stylistic types: Design, Classic, and xLux. Just in this last area, dedicated to timeless luxury reinterpreted in a contemporary key, we will exhibit our fabrics, with a focus on the new 2022 collection.

Bevilacqua Fabrics at XLux

In our stand number H20, Hall 2 of the xLux pavilion, we will present the new fabrics of the 2022 collection. Capri, Fontane, Lune, and Pigna velvets, which we have talked about in a previous article, the brand new proposals of black velvet for elegant and refined interiors, and some of the most beloved fabrics of our production such as Rinascimento heddle velvet, Fiere heddle velvet and Taccheggiato velvet in the new trendy shades of this year: celeste, coral and jade. These are joined by the brand new Fontane brocatelle and Paradiso damask.

Fontane Brocatelle

The new Fontane brocatelle reproduces an Art Deco-inspired motif with stylized gushing fountains that create an elegant and contemporary decor, offered in classic color combinations and a vibrant coral.

Velluto Soprarizzo Walls | Tessitura Bevilacqua

Fontane Brocatelle – Emerald/Silver

Velluto Soprarizzo Walls | Tessitura Bevilacqua

Fontane Brocatelle – Pearl/Grey

Velluto Soprarizzo Walls | Tessitura Bevilacqua

Fontane Brocatelle – Coral

Velluto Soprarizzo Walls | Tessitura Bevilacqua

Fontane Brocatelle – Blue

Paradiso Damask

Paradiso Damask is a fabric with iridescent shimmer and a refined exotic-inspired pattern of flowers and leaves of bamboo and papyrus, presented in delicate color combinations and an intense coral.

Velluto Soprarizzo Walls | Tessitura Bevilacqua

Paradiso Damask – Pearl/Mauve

Velluto Soprarizzo Walls | Tessitura Bevilacqua

Paradiso Damask – Blue

Velluto Soprarizzo Walls | Tessitura Bevilacqua

Paradiso Damask – Pearl/Grey

Velluto Soprarizzo Walls | Tessitura Bevilacqua

Paradiso Damask – Coral

Rinascimento Heddle Velvet

The Rinascimento heddle velvet motif features natural elements, typical of the second half of the 16th century, with a lattice structure of intertwined stems forming ogives, embellished with stylized carnation, lotus, and thistle leaves and flowers. A refined Renaissance design embellished and illuminated by metal yarns declined in numerous colors to which are now also added celeste, black, jade, and coral.

Velluto Rinascimento celeste 006-39361S

006/39361S celeste

Velluto Rinascimento 005-39361s

005/39361S black

Velluto Rinascimento giada 008-39361s

008/39361S jade

Velluto Rinascimento 005-39361s

002/39361S corallo

Fiere Heddle Velvet

Fiere velvet, made of silk and cotton, reproduces a 13th-century design and depicts two fierce animals, probably leopards, protecting the tree of life, in an elegant, stylized composition, now also available in celeste and jade.

Velluto Fiere celeste 006-3973S

006/3973S celeste

008/3973S jade

Taccheggiato Heddle Velvet

A silk and cotton velvet with a distinctive texture in which the discontinuous weave creates a unique effect with vintage charm. The color range of Taccheggiato heddle velvet is also enriched with the new proposals: black, coral, jade, and celeste.

005/3946S black

002/3946S corallo

008/3946S jade

Velluto Taccheggiato 006-3946S

006/3946S celeste

Pigna Velvet

Pigna velvet takes a renaissance motif from our historical archives and declines it in beautiful, up-to-date colors.

002/3292S Corallo

006/3292S Celeste

008/3292S Jade

231/3292S Light Blue

238/3292S Antique Pink

Fontane Velvet

A stylized Art Deco motif for the precious Fontane velvet with a contemporary style.

002/3795S Corallo

006/3795S Celeste

008/3795S Jade

Lune Velvet

Lune velvet echoes the Art Deco inspiration with a motif of semi-circles and wavy lines reminiscent of the moon’s reflection on the water.

002/3787S Corallo

006/3878S Celeste

008/3787s Jade

Capri Velvet

Capri velvet is inspired by the famous Italian island and does so with an Art Deco motif of stylized corals that is both elegant and contemporary.

002/3771S Corallo

006/3771S Celeste

008/3771s Jade

Black Velvets

The sensual allure of black and the silky softness of velvet are the perfect combination for furnishing fabrics of extreme elegance and sophistication. The color black in luxury furnishings lends drama and a sophisticated touch to rooms.

Velluto Lancé 005-3370S

005/3370S Black

005/3283S Black

005/3886S Black

Velluto Taccheggiato 006-3946S

005/3162S Black

Velluto Lancé 005-3370S

005/32173S Black

005/39243S Black

Velluto Gotico 005-3945S

005/3945S Black

Design and Craftsmanship in the Project by Arch. Zabarella

At Superstudio Più, to be held at 27 Via Tortona in conjunction with the Salone del Mobile, designers and companies have been invited to translate the word “sustainability” through individual or group exhibitions. One of its events, Donne&Design, addresses the theme of female creativity in industrial and craft design. Architect Diana Zabarella‘s project, developed in collaboration with our Tessitura and which will be presented at Donne&Design, is set in this context.

Arch. Zabarella lives and works in Venice, a city known for its skilled wood, glass, and fabric work. Here she was able to develop her sensitivity to craft processes that have an ancient tradition, and learn the techniques and knowledge necessary to reinterpret them in a personal way. From her approach, which blends lightness and sustainability, four works were born, two of which were made with some of Bevilacqua’s fabrics whose colors Celeste, Giada, and Azzurro, recall those of the waters of the Venice Lagoon. They are the Bozzolo pouf/tablet and the Canfin lamp.

The Bozzolo pouf/tablet, a Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua by Fedele Chairs production, is made of beech wood and named after the silkworm cocoon. The shape of its removable velvet upholstered seat is reminiscent of that of the cocoon. Moreover, silk is the precious yarn used to create the velvets that cover the seat. These are Fontane velvet and Pigna velvet. The frame can be used as a small table by laying the cushion on the floor, which becomes a low seat.

The Canfin lamp, a Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua by Selène Illuminazione production, is named after the Venetian oil lamp that was used on boats, outdoors, and in the home. It is made of wood and some of our fabrics: the Giardino Craquelé damask, the Grottesche Craquelé damask and the Craquelé damask. The lamps are LEDs that can be recharged with a USB socket.

The Project by Bevilacqua-IED, European Institute of Design

Another project born in collaboration with our Tessitura, which will be premiered at the Salone del Mobile, is the one with IED, the European Institute of Design.

In 2021, at the invitation of Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua, students in the third year of the Interior Design course at IED Venice were confronted with the velvet production of the historic Venetian company to create furnishing accessories. Our fabrics, still produced with 18th-century looms in the heart of Venice, were used by the students to produce partitioning elements with wooden or metal frames.

We evaluated the proposals of the 18 current students and awarded the works of Nicole Sbabo and Edoardo Zamengo, two screens made respectively of metal and Lune velvet in Celeste color, and of wood and Giardino brocatelle in the colors antique turquoise, antique blue and antique green.

We are happy that this collaboration has offered students the opportunity to confront themselves with the concrete realization of products and is a testimony of specific attention to the productive realities of excellence that embody the very essence of the lagoon city and its most authentic part.

Room Divider – Iron and Lune Velvet

Room Divider – Wood and Giardino Brocatelle

Once again this year the Salone del Mobile celebrates ‘savoir-faire’ offering inspiration and originality through immersive visiting experiences that testify to materials research, environmentally conscious production, beautiful objects, and useful and creatively shaped furniture and furnishings. We look forward to welcoming you too, to see and touch all the novelties described, at the Salone Internazionale del Complemento d’Arredo, in Rho, Hall xLux, Hall 02, Stand 20, from Tuesday, June 7 to Sunday, June 12.

To purchase tickets and find out the most suitable way of getting access to the Salone del Mobile, click HERE

To download the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022 floor plan in pdf format click HERE


International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition – from 7th to 12th June 2022 – Hours 9:30AM to 6:30PM

Hall 2, Stand H20

Quartiere Fiera Milano – Rho

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