Our collection of handbags comes to life thanks to Venetian master craftsmen, who devote the utmost attention to every single detail, from the careful cutting of fabrics to the impeccable finishing. This creation process is a work of extraordinary complexity and dedication, requiring exceptional manual dexterity, patience and extreme precision. Below, we reveal some of the main steps.

Creating the Template and Cutting Process

When it comes to creating a new bag, the Style Office presents the model drawing to the craftsman, with all the specifications regarding dimensions, choice of leather, fabrics, accessories, etc.

Thus, begins the process, with the creation of the jig, the outline of each of the parts that will form the bag. This is made of rigid cardboard and becomes the guide for cutting the leathers and fabrics that will make up the different sections of the bag: sides, bottoms, trimmings, handles and straps, depending on the model. The cutting phase is a crucial one, especially with regard to fabrics. In fact, it is preceded by a study of the ornamental pattern, so that even after being cut, the decoration is enhanced on the bag. This is how our fine fabrics maintain their splendor and charm even on smaller objects such as handbags.


Examining the fabric

Positioning the jig

Cutting the fabric

Cutting leather

Produzione borse-4-Anima in feltro | Tessitura Bevilacqua

Felt padding

Crafting Leather and Sewing Our Handmade Velvet Bags

The treatment of leathers is an art in itself. They undergo a delicate stage of “skiving,” which makes them softer, easy to manipulate during assembly, and ensures their uniform thickness.

However, both leathers and velvets alone would not give the desired shape and structure to bags. This is where a special felt-like material comes in, wisely inserted to give support and solidity to the accessory. This material is cut and sewn by the skilled hands of the craftsman, who will later employ the “plater” to achieve a result of uniformity between the different materials assembled.


Cutting the padding


The actual assembly is a work of skilled craftsmanship. Each section of the accessory is turned up and the skilled hands of artisans sew them together, incorporating metal details such as zippers, buckles and hooks with pinpoint precision. Each bag houses inside one or more pockets where the company’s logo is proudly affixed on a webbing of fabric.

The distinctiveness of each creation lies in the combination of fine fabrics from the collection, combined with carefully selected high-quality Italian leathers. The time and dedication given to this artisanal process is evidenced by the fact that the making of each bag takes an average of two working days.

It is the skill and passion of the Venetian artisans that manage to enhance our fine fabrics and give each bag from Tessitura Bevilacqua its uniqueness and prestige. These masters, custodians of a centuries-old heritage, manage to transform fabrics and leathers into works of art, combining the richness of the materials with the timeless elegance of Venetian style.

Like the production of hand-woven textiles, that of handcrafted handbags is a precious tradition handed down from generation to generation, where mastery and beauty come together in timeless harmony.

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