The new Salone del Mobile.Milano edition promises to be lively and full of exciting initiatives. A range of events will explore architecture and art, including exhibitions, talks, workshops, and site-specific installations. They will feature 1,962 exhibitors, including more than 550 young talents under 35 and 27 design schools. Besides the events held annually: Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Salone Internazionale del Complemento d’Arredo, Workplace3.0, S.Project, SaloneSatellite and the biennial Euroluce. Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua will be part of this prestigious exhibition introducing novelties and projects born from collaborations with the design world. We present them to you.

The theme behind the new Bevilacqua fabrics

From more than 3,500 designs in our historical archive, we have selected exclusive motifs for the new 2023 collection of fine Bevilacqua fabrics. They interpret nature with the timeless elegance and beauty of one of the most refined artistic movements: the Art Nouveau style.

This trend was also called “floral style” in Italy because one of the main subjects were natural elements such as flowers, leaves and stems, graphically rendered in a stylized but highly decorative manner. We wanted to celebrate nature’s beauty and regenerative force with a collection that enhances its aesthetic and symbolic power in shapes and colors. It includes the allure of animal prints, which recall distant and exotic settings.

We have also devoted great attention to soprarizzo, a handmade velvet which fully embodies the value of nature because of its preciousness. A unique fabric in which each piece is different from the other and in which the tiny imperfections are the sign of its exclusivity as with any creation of the highest craftsmanship.

Even the chosen color palette has strong ties with nature in the deep blue of the night, the bright green of precious stones, the warm red of sea corals, the iridescent gray of pearls and the precious yellow of antique gold.

At the Salone del Mobile you can admire them in their magnificence and touch their silky softness.


Liberty soprarizzo velvet, made by hand on original wooden looms from the 1700s, is an exclusive fabric that repurposes a motif typical of the Art Nouveau style. Sinuous elongated leaves frame iris flowers in a composition of extreme elegance and refinement, highlighted by the special workmanship of the soprarizzo.

Velluto Soprarizzo Liberty Tessiture Bevilacqua
Velluto Soprarizzo Liberty Tessiture Bevilacqua
Velluto Soprarizzo Liberty blu telaio dettaglio


Crafted by hand on original 18th-century looms, the Rinascimento soprarizzo velvet is a masterpiece of Renaissance-inspired design. The fabric’s elegant motifs of stylized flowers and leaves are rendered in iridescent hues through a special handwork process, and its new Blue color adds depth and richness to the already splendid pattern.

Velluto soprarizzo Rinascimento blu a mano

Rinascimento Blue Soprarizzo Velvet


The Leoni soprarizzo velvet is handmade on original 18th-century looms, with a complex workmanship unique in the world. Its iconic design, originating from ancient times, depicts two regal lions standing guard over the tree of life. Now available in a new Blue shade that adds a fresh dimension to its timeless beauty.


Crafted with luxurious silk, the Giardinetto multicolored velvet evokes the delicate beauty of lace with its intricate design. Inspired by late 18th-century compositions, the fabric features interweaving motifs of small flowers, stems, and leaves, accented by natural elements drawn from the Baroque decorative repertoire. A masterful combination of warm, deep brown shades and elements of light blue, Petrol is a color that radiates refinement and elegance.

Velluto Multicolore Giardinetto petrolio Tessiture Bevilacqua

Giardinetto Petrol Multicolor Velvet


The Giardinetto lampas is a stunning tribute to the refined designs of the 18th century. Its elegant motif of slender twigs intertwining in a vertical lattice is adorned with delicate flowers, creating a pattern of unparalleled sophistication. The special processing gives luster and preciousness to the fabric, which is offered in Coral, Jade, Blue, Antique Gold, Pearl and Emerald color variants.

lampasso giardinetto oro antico e blu Tessitura Bevilacqua

Giardinetto Antique Gold and Blue Lampas


Tigre velvet features an elegant animalier pattern, among the most iconic in interior design, renowned for adding a touch of exotic charm and personality to any interior. Now available in a new, neutral Greige color, the fabric embodies understated elegance, making it a versatile and sophisticated choice for any upholstery project.

Velluto Animalier tigre greige

Tigre Greige Velvet


The Coccodrillo velvet is an exquisite example of animalier fabric, renowned for its refined pattern that mimics the skin of a crocodile. This fabric exudes an exotic and captivating allure that has made it a favorite among interior designers. The addition of the new Coral color adds a touch of modernity to this timeless classic, making it an excellent choice for those looking to create a bold and daring interior design.

Velluto Animalier coccodrillo corallo

Coccodrillo Coral Velvet

The Symbiosis Screen

In our booth at the Salone del Mobile we will also display a new product, made with one of our velvet in collaboration with IED, Istituto Europeo di Design. The “Symbiosis” screen is the work of designer Nicole Sbabo, who designed it as a functional piece of furniture to create modular spaces, seeking the right accord between sinuous lines and angular features. The metal structure is composed of three connected and movable parts that combine semi-circle shapes, covered by Lune velvet, with a central part formed by a grid. This element creates a logical thread between the surrounding space and the screen, while giving it transparency and lightness.

The Symbiosis screen can be customized by replacing the Lune velvet with one of Bevilacqua’s fabrics of your choice. In the image gallery below, you can find an example made with Grottesche velvet.

Symbiosis Screen – Image Gallery

The Canfin lamp

The Canfin lamp is a design by architect Diana Zabarella, the result of a collaboration with Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua and produced by Selène Illuminazione. It is named after the typical Venetian oil lamp used in boats, outdoors and at home. With a structure made of wood and LED bulbs rechargeable with a USB plug, it features some of our most sumptuous damasks: the Giardino Craquelé damask, the Grottesche Craquelé damask and the Craquelé damask

We look forward to seeing you at our booth to personally introduce you to these and other wonderful products for your most exclusive decorating projects.

Lampade Canfin

Salone Internazionale del Complemento d’Arredo – Tuesday, April 18 to Sunday, April 23, 2023

Luigi Bevilacqua srl – Hall 1, Stand M03

Milano Fair District – Rho



To buy tickets and learn about the admission policies to the Salone del Mobile you can click HERE.

Cuscino velluto Giardino Antico Turchese fronte e retro | Tessiture Bevilacqua
Cover Photo: Giardinetto Petrol Multicolored Velvet
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