“Venice for connoisseurs”: that’s the headline of today’s Weltkunst, the art magazine of Die Zeit, which is dedicated to the lagoon city. Petra Schäfer describes first of all some of Venice’s swellest hotels, restaurants and attractions, some of which often stand in the shadow of more fabled sights in the city. Then she lists some places where enjoying shopping for dab hands.

Bevilacqua as one of the best italian fabric mills in Venice

Here’s where Bevilacqua’s weaving mill comes on the scene and, together with Rubelli, is introduced as a “five-star Venetian fabric manufacturer”. To visit it, though, you need to make a reservation in advance, but it’s worth it: guaranteed by Petra Schäfer. What more is there to say? Just thank you!

Venedig für Kenner

Inside the Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua


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