A new collection of bags that combine the preciousness of Venetian velvet and the freshness of a classic color combination, blue and white. We present the Bevilacqua bags in Lepanto velvet: Isabella, Anna and Veronica.

Isabella Purse in Lepanto Velvet

The Isabella purse is a refined object of small dimensions but with great personality and versatility of use. In fact, with its clean gusset shape, it’s perfect to be carried by hand like a micro handbag. But it is the Lepanto velvet that makes it a precious accessory, with its patterns of soft blue scrolls that the leather details in the same color and the golden metal closure make stand out. An exclusive object to always carry with you to add that extra touch of sophistication to your look. Its name is dedicated to an expert of femininity, Isabella Cortese, who in the 16th century published a book of recipes, mainly to create cosmetics and perfumes.

Isabella portamontete piccolo velluto Lepanto blu | Tessitura Bevilacqua

Isabella purse in Lepanto velvet

Anna Bags in Lepanto Velvet

The Anna bag is offered in two sizes, the baguette and the mini bag, to be the perfect companion on any occasion and transform any outfit with its sophistication.

The Anna mini bag, whose base measures 22 cm, is a practical bag, dynamic and casual. It can be carried by hand thanks to the stiff handle in tone-on-tone leather, for a bon ton look. Or on the shoulder, with the long shoulder strap, for original and casual outfits. The extraordinary Lepanto velvet underlines its grace and femininity, merging its practicality with a unique style.

Anna mini bag in Lepanto velvet

The Anna baguette is about 32cm long and 15cm high and can be worn on the shoulder, with its leather shoulder strap, or can be carried by hand. The silhouette is linear and clean, with a leather handle and golden metal closure. The soft leather inserts recall the blue decorations of the Lepanto velvet. It is a sophisticated and dynamic day bag, with an aristocratic allure like the woman who inspired it, Anna Notaras Paleologina. This Byzantine noblewoman, who lived in the 15th century, left her city, Constantinople, when it was besieged in 1453 and took refuge in Venice, becoming the point of reference for the Byzantine expatriate community. She worked hard to get the Venetian Senate to agree to the construction of an Orthodox church within the city and eventually her work led to the founding of the Scuola di San Nicolò dei Greci, a confraternity that helped members of the Greek community, and the construction of the church of San Giorgio dei Greci, the place where the Orthodox community of Venice still prays today.

Anna Baguette in Lepanto velvet

Veronica Mini bag in Lepanto Velvet

An original as well as adorable mini bag that can be carried by hand, or across the shoulder or around the waist. An unexpected versatility that makes this beautiful accessory unique. The Veronica mini bag is small but roomy enough to hold the essentials and perfect for those who love practicality but do not compromise on style. All the finishes are in soft blue leather, which harmonizes with the color of the Lepanto velvet designs, and the closure is in gold metal. Its name is inspired by that of Veronica Franco, Venetian poetess and courtesan, whose life was told in Margaret F. Rosenthal’s novel “The Honest Courtesan”. A capable and astute woman, she managed to build a position in Venetian society, cultivating her connections and using them to her advantage when she had to defend herself from the court of the Inquisition.

Veronica mini bag in Lepanto velvet

These bags, unique pieces inspired by strong women of Venetian history, will add femininity and style, with their models but especially with the beautiful Lepanto velvet, used by our artisans to create them.

Borsa Anna velluto Lepanto blu bianco | Tessitura Bevilacqua

Anna Mini bag in Lepanto velvet

Borsa Anna velluto Lepanto blu bianco | Tessitura Bevilacqua

Veronica and Isabella mini bags in Lepanto velvet

Photo credit: Marta Formentello and Roberto Rosa for Venezia da Vivere
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