A sophisticated bag, created in a velvet with a refined design that can complete both elegant evening and more casual looks for the day. It is the Lavinia clutch: we’ll tell you about its characteristics and curiosities.


An Accessory That Enhances Femininity

Lavinia is a very feminine clutch that surprises us with its versatility. Its rectangular shape, of medium size, makes it perfect to be carried by hand.  But it transforms quickly, thanks to its long shoulder strap that allows you to carry it on your shoulder.

The lining and trimmings are in very soft Italian leather, and the details are in golden metal. Inside, a practical zipper pocket shows our logo. Its dimensions are small, but it’s capacious enough to contain everything you need.

The different Bevilacqua velvets that cover and embellish it make it elegant, for the evening, or more casual, for any other occasion.

Lavinia clutch in black Da Vinci velvet

Lavinia clutch in green Da Vinci velvet

The Da Vinci Velvet

Lavinia is created with Da Vinci velvet  in two colors: black and green. This velvet takes its name from the great Leonardo Da Vinci because its design represents the famous Leonardo’s knots. They consist of a continuous line forming a circular drawing made up of various plaits of extraordinary elegance and refinement, whose base could be the Saint Andrew’s cross, joined to the infinity symbol. Leonardo used this pattern in so many of his works that it became one of his trademarks.

With the same refined look of the Da Vinci velvet in black, besides the Lavinia clutch, we also created the Maddalena bag and the Isabella purse.

Borse in velluto Da Vinci nero | Tessitura Bevilacqua

The Artist to Whom the Lavinia Clutch Is Dedicated

With this clutch we wanted to pay tribute to Lavinia Fontana, a 16th-century mannerist painter.

Lavinia had a prolific career as a painter and sculptress, venturing into mythological, biblical and sacred subjects. But she became famous above all for her portraits that all the noblewomen of the time wanted to have made by her. In fact, with great attention to detail, she was able to bring out the clothes, accessories, and hairstyles of her models, highlighting their beauty and richness, and for this reason tickling their vanity.

She was a lovable person, who made sincere friendships with her noble clients and among whose clients were also diplomats, famous people, and the pope.  She managed to combine tradition with absolutely modern attitudes. In fact, while respecting the strict rules of the time that demanded for women moral virtues, good education and honored social status, she devoted herself to art, earning large sums of money so that, unusual situation for the time, her husband became her assistant and agent, also taking care of the house and children.

Lavinia Fontana - autoritratto

Lavinia Fontana Self-Portrait, 1579 – Uffizi Gallery, Florence

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Cover photo credit: Marta Formentello for Venezia da Vivere
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