Starting from November 1st, Palazzo Zaguri in Venice hosts a new exhibition that will have the lagoon city as its only Italian stop before moving to the United States. Coming from prestigious institutions, from the most important private collections and art galleries, more than a hundred works will be exhibited, including tapestries inspired by the paintings of great artists of the 20th century or made by the painters themselves with the collaboration of skilled weavers.

Visitors will be accompanied by the voice of the Italian art critic Vittorio Sgarbi along the exhibition through the four floors of the splendid Palazzo Zaguri, and they will be able to admire works by great masters such as De Chirico, Paul Klee, Henri Matisse, Joan Miró, Guttuso and Dali just to name a few. Even a tapestry of 3 meters by 2 representing the Venus of Botero, presented to the public for the first time in the world, will be part of this collection which is worth a total of about 50 million euros.

The manufacturers that created the textile works of the exhibition

Most of these works come from the Arazzeria Scassa of Asti, a workshop founded by Ugo Scassa in which, using the ancient “haute lisse” technique, tapestries have been made from works by the most important painters of the 20th century.

Also our Tessitura will exhibit some splendid fabrics, mostly made with the complex soprarizzo technique, and a drawing on graph paper showing one of the first steps to create our decorative fabrics: Leoni soprarizzo velvet, Mosaic velvet, Pavoni soprarizzo velvet, Metropolis soprarizzo velvet, Walls soprarizzo velvet.

The combination of a technique that has remained unchanged over the centuries and modern sensibility creates unique and precious works, that amaze and fascinate for the finesse of the warp, the mastery in color mixing, and the complexity of the processes, revealing the bond between artistic expression and workshop craftsmanship. This common thread is the art that finds in the tapestry a precious and ancient expression and, at the same time, modern and current.

For more information on the exhibition click here.

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