Homo Faber embodies the expression of man as the architect of his world, thanks to his ability to change the surrounding reality. A capacity that has evolved with humankind itself and that has branched into a multitude of arts. Homo Faber, the exhibition, wants to celebrate these skills through a journey where visitors can not only admire unique objects, but also get to know the European master craftsmen who created them and see them work, live or thanks to technologies like virtual reality, experiencing how these masterpieces come to life. The exhibition is organized in sections by product type, including the creation of precious embroideries, the restoration of ancient works of art, the processing of glass blowing and the carving of wood, stimulating visitors’ involvement.

In the Doppia Firma section it is possible to admire the contemporary tapestry that Tessitura Bevilacqua has created with the historical technique of soprarizzo velvet, hand-woven on antique wooden frames based on the design of French designer and painter Nathalie Du Pasquier. In this section, in fact, are showcased unique and new pieces of art born by putting together cultures, traditions, skills and creativity of 13 European designers and as many Venetian master artisans.

Organized by the Michelangelo Foundation, Homo Faber will be held from the 14th to the 30th of September 2018 at the Cini Foundation, on the Island of San Giorgio in Venice. The purpose of the exhibition, which reflects that of the Michelangelo Foundation, is to enhance craftsmanship, both traditional and contemporary, as an artistic heritage and collective knowledge and to promote meetings and exchanges of experiences, reinforcing its links with the world of design.

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