Heddle Velvets

Heddle velvets are named after the loom manufacturing, very similar to the handmade velvets’ one. In fact, heddle rods are inserted under the warp to produce these velvets. Unlike the processing of manual velvets, a weaver doesn’t need to cut the warp of pile: it’s the heddle rod itself that creates the velvet thanks to the blade at its end, once removed from the loom. Moreover, these looms can process both the ground and the pile – i.e. the velvet -, thus enriching the fabric with additional designs, obtained thanks to wefts of different colours.

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Bevilacqua Heddle Velvet Patterns

The selection of designs in our catalogue is very wide and includes several categories:  Cardi for classic floral motifs; Leoni Bizantini and Fiere with decorations of animals recalling ancient art; Righe Piccole and Venezia for classic striped patterns; Göteborg for a contemporary style.

Senatori velvet features the typical decorative elements of the togas worn by Venetian Senators in the 17th century, while Da Vinci is an exclusive design inspired by the knots invented by Leonardo Da Vinci. Mosaico has an even more ancient and important origin: it reproduces the design of Emperor Justinian’s dress depicted in the mosaic of San Vitale church in Ravenna (Italy).


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