The Bevilacqua handbag collection is entirely made with our luxury fabrics and Italian leathers. It celebrates Venetian craftsmanship with elegant accessories you can always carry with you. Bevilacqua bags are made by Venetian craftsmen who take care of every detail, from the cut of the fabrics to the finishes.

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The creation process of these accessories is extremely laborious and complex, requiring high manual skill, patience and a lot of precision. Each bag is, in fact, unique, because it’s covered with precious fabrics that are cut with extreme care and combined with carefully selected Italian leathers. These masterpieces combine richness and elegance, enhancing the extraordinary mastery of Venetian craftsmanship.

There are many models and sizes that you will find browsing through our catalogue: from mini-bags like Anna and Veronica to large and spacious ones like Rosalba and Cecilia. You can choose between practical and informal bags like Caterina, with a modern design and covered in Göteborg velvet, or romantic and refined, like Peggy featuring our Fresie velvet.