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The fabrics employed in Bevilacqua’s handbags collection

To create these accessories, we’ve collaborated with some Italian artisans, who’ve handcrafted our bags’ structure, made of leather or suede. After that, they sewed our fabrics over this surface with great care and precision.

Not only velvets, but rather lampasses and brocatelles, too: we’ve chosen various kinds of fabrics to make our new accessories, all showing different patterns. So you can find floral motifs such as the Giardino Antico on the Cecilia handbag, inspired by the velvets made in Genoa between the 17th and 18th century.

Other designs take you on a journey through time, to the ancient Byzantine Empire, like the Leoni Bizantini velvet of the Bevilacqua tote bag shopper, or back to the modern age, with a fabric such as the Göteborg velvet of the Caterina bowler, whose pattern was designed by Swedish architect Carl G. Bergsten between 1932 and 1934.

Others draw their inspiration from exotic worlds, such as the Coccodrillo velvet of the Antonia round cross-body bag.

You may have already noticed this: each of these products is named after a woman. And these aren’t randomly picked names, but rather belong to Venetian or Italian ladies who’ve left a mark on history, and to whom we wanted to pay this small tribute.

When you explore the catalogue of our handbags you’ll therefore travel through history, fashion and art, as well, i.e. the fields where these women stood out. And you’ll discover some accessories which join Italian craftsmanship and the Venetian weaving tradition.

Photos: Jacopo De Michelis / Veneziadavivere.com
Fabric styling and folding: Raffaele Dessì / Atelier Pietro Longhi
Model: Lucia Iacoviello

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