Sofa cushions have come a long way since thousands of years ago, and finally turned into the soft furnishing items we love. Indeed, up to the 19th century they were something only the wealthy could afford. And, most of all, the most ancient ones were made of… slightly different materials.

Cushions in antiquity: history and value

The forefathers of our cushions were not exactly comfortable:

  • in Mesopotamia they were simply carved stones, upon which people used to lay their heads;
  • the poor mummies of Egyptian pharaohs must rest for eternity on pillows wrapped in fabrics, but made of stone and wood;
  • things were even worse for Ancient China, where cushions were made of painted – sometimes in pure gold – ceramic and embellished with pearls and stones.

The materials were different, but these cushions shared a common feature: their shapes, decorations and materials were all meant to reveal their owner’s social status. Their value was so high that they’ve carried gifts and crowns to royals for centuries – and this is why wedding rings are still brought to the bride and groom on a cushion.

We have to thank Ancient Greeks and Romans if our cushions now are soft and have various shapes and uses: indeed, these were the first populations who both stuffed them with straw and feathers and employed big ones to lay down and small ones while sitting.

Cushions remained the same even during the Middle Ages, but they were still an accessory only for the rich, which was often part of a bride’s trousseau. But the Industrial Revolution changed everything.

The watershed of modern age

The Industrial Revolution radically changed many industries, including the textile one. New inventions, especially the Jacquard loom, made the production of any fabric significantly faster and widened the range of available patterns, thus resulting in a major decrease in textile-products price.

So even the middle class could start buying these luxury goods, at the beginning of the 1800s. Besides, they could even pick cushions showing extremely complex and colourful patterns.

Bevilacqua’s sofa cushions

Now cushions have two important functions: providing comfort and decorating a room. Cushions can indeed completely transform your interiors’ style, as we’ve explained in this article.

The latest arrivals in our sofa-cushions collection can make the difference, too.

The Fresie Velvet cushion, with its flowers and warm colours, combines elegance and romanticism. The same is true of the Fioroni Velvet cushion, an example of 17th-century “jardinière” velvets.

The Sagredo Brocatelle cushion has a shining surface, making the most of its design.

The Coralli Velvet cushion, on the other hand, is characterised by a more modern style, due to its abstract pattern inspired by the shapes and colours of corals, a feature of the entire Coralli Collection.

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