As well as fabrics, there’s another furnishing item capable of giving your interiors a complete makeover: decorative cushions. That’s why our catalogue features these accessories, too, all covered in our luxury fabrics. Let’s unveil some of their secrets.

The history of decorative cushions

A symbol of power and wealth in the ancient Egypt, the pillow slowly became a very striven artistic object, designed with fine lines and made of precious fabrics decorated with expensive stones and metals.

In the ancient China, for example, the pillows of the wealthiest families were made of porcelain and enriched by stones, pearls and trimmed with pure gold.

In Europe, during the Middle Ages, the pillows were used to enrich the trousseaous of the daughters of rich families. It is the Baroque period, however, with its decorations and bright colours, the period that still defines the actual style and trends of this accessory.

Why decorating interiors with cushions

Then, as now, throw pillows were no mere whims, but rather statement items, because:

  • they can accent other furnishing items, such as paintings, if they have some tones in common;
  • they make rooms in dark shades or with little natural light look brighter;
  • they tone down heavily patterned curtains and sofas;
  • they add a touch of colour to neutral rooms;
  • changing them means completely restyling your interiors.

And if your interiors are longing for cushions covered in fine fabrics, here they are.

Bevilacqua’s scatter cushions

The decorative cushions of Bevilacqua’s collection have not lost their old value and uniqueness, which emerge especially in the combination of the contemporary and classic styles, enshrined in fabrics that represent the baroque richness (velvet, lampas), or the modern tiger velvet, completed with the most actual colours such as blue, pink or indigo.

The stylistic inspiration, on the other hand, clearly reminds of ancient times, which are brought to life by the names of the collections: Rinascimento, Three Crowns, Giardino Antico. And we’ve mentioned but a few of the fabrics featured in our online cushion collection. You can find them in our shop in Venice, too, at Santa Croce 1320, and in our distributors’ stores.

Rinascimento Brocatelle Cushion

Tigre Velvet Cushion

Giardino Antico Velvet Cushion

Can’t you find the design you’ve madly fallen in love with on any cushion? Don’t worry: you can choose any fabric, and we’ll custom-make your throw pillow. You can customize its details, as well: with or without a fringe, with a pattern that completely covers its surface – like on the Torcello Velvet cushion -, or is just an insert, as for example on the Leoni Persiani Velvet cushion.

Our scatter cushions can therefore decorate any interior, and always add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to all of your rooms. Besides, they’ll soon have brand new colours and designs, as we’ll show at Paris Déco Off: you’ll discover them in less than no time!

Torcello Velvet Cushion

Leoni Persiani Velvet Cushion

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